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Please reed the info And fill out the application...and comment here. You may advertise as much as you want in the community for shops only, no auctions or external websites... Journal Accounts only
Once your name has been added to the directory, your comment will be deleted

If you are here to browse for something in paticular press Ctrl F and type in a catagory i.e. Plus Sizes, Punk, Cd's, Posters etc, for a quick search.

The Directory

_____firetruckFiretruck Couture-Hollister, AE, Abercrombie & Fitch, Vintage/Thrifted, DIY, Forever 21 (Arizona, USA) Accepts Trades

___revolutionn-Petite sized clothing, accessories; forever 21, american eagle, tilt, etc. sizes 7-8 shoes (WA, USA) Accepts Trades (On Occasion)

8feetunderwateri have too much shit-lots of cool clothes i suppose (ny, usa) No Trades

_mygoodiesbuymygoodies-petite. glam. urban. prissy. atheletic (Va, USA) Accpets Trades

_singalong-abercrombie&fitch, hollister, american eagle, makeup, vintage (Ny, USA)Accepts Trades

filthy_suicide-Punk, Thrift, DIY, CDs, miscellaneous (NY, USA) No Trades

fuck_you-Plus Sizes, Vintage, Punk, Glam (Va, USA) Accepts Trades

michelle_shopsi'll buy your crap, if it's cheap-cheap, lots of bath, makeup (NJ, USA) Accepts Trades

sarahsellsi shop too much- mostly new stuff size s/m, shoes 7-8, jewelry, vintage (NY, USA) Accepts Trades

sendmetomexicoSend me to Mexico!-preppy, casual, cheap, like new (Manitoba,CANADA) Accepts Trades

sellingthingsBuy/trade/sell-stylish, varying range, name brands, colorful, cheap (Michigan,USA) Accepts Trades

stacey_renee-ae, band tee shirts, cute purses, jewelry (Va, USA) Accepts Trades

stuff_for_saleStuff For Sale-vintage, ecclectic, sizes 7-11, cute clothes! (Texas, USA) Accepts Trades

taboogersthingsTAKE TABOOGERS THINGS!-cute clothes, basic so-cal style, sz. XS/S! (California, USA) Accepts Trades

xprophetsofliesXProphetsOfLies Sam's Sell/Buy/Trade- everything from abercrombie to hottopic etc (Maryland,USA)Accepts Trades

yeahthatshotYeah, That's Hot.-A&F, AE, Urbn, MK&A, Forever 21, Wet Seal, hotttttt stuff! (CA, USA) Accepts Trades
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